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Educational Training and Workshops

Allendale County ALIVE has educational training and workshops available for

individuals who want to learn how to better manage their money so they can

manage their lives and have better financial freedom. Training and workshops

are offered on-site on a monthly basis, but can also be offered off-site in the

workplace, at your church, or at the gym. 
Please call for more information 803-584-3600

Homeownership month.png

                                                                              June was National Home Ownership Observance Month
                                                                              USDA Rural Development Celebrates Homeownership Month by Highlighting Programs that Help                                                                                  Families like Yours! Today is the first day of National Homeownership Month! As part of this                                                                                              nationwide celebration, all month long, USDA Rural Development (RD) will showcase programs that                                                                                help people in rural and Tribal areas buy, build and repair affordable homes and pay their rent in                                                                                      America’s smallest towns and communities.
                                                                              This month, we will highlight the ways the Biden-Harris Administration has invested $37 billion to                                                                                      help nearly 216,000 families and individuals through RD’s Single Family Housing programs:
•    The Single Family Housing Direct Home Loan Program provides loans directly to families and individuals so they can buy or build homes in rural America.
•    The Single Family Housing Guaranteed Loan Program enables USDA to partner with private lending institutions, backing their loans to help families and individuals buy homes in rural areas.
•    The Home Repair Loan and Grant Program provides loans and grants to help families and individuals repair their homes to make them safer, healthier places to live.
With all this and more, it’s a great time to follow Allendale County ALIVE and find events that are showcasing affordable housing programs for lenders, community partners, families, and individuals.
Happy Homeownership Month!

Homebuyer Education Class.png

Homebuyer Education Class

Did you know that if you purchase a home, all buyers are required by law to complete a 10-hour Homebuyer Education Class that is taught by a Certified HUD housing counselor?
Allendale County ALIVE offers this class on a monthly basis.  The class is designed especially for first-time homebuyers to become credit-worthy and financially ready.  Buying a home is the biggest investment you will make in your lifetime and this class will equip you with the information, skills, and resources necessary to prepare you for the responsibilities of homeownership.  It will also empower you to make smart decisions during the home-buying process and connect with the correct products and industry people to help. Information regarding down payment and /or closing cost assistance programs if available.
Learn everything you need to know as you contemplate buying your first home. 
Every month – Please call to register for classes starting in August 2023.

Summer Financial and Budget .png

Summer Financial and Budget Tidbits 

Tidbit #1  

Summer is here and we love vacations – Teaching kids about savings
Save for this wonderful time by having all members of the household save spare change in

dentical jars or containers leading up to vacation time. The household member who saves

the most spare change will get to pick the first activity on vacation.

TAKEAWAY – Kids are learning to save for their wants.    

Tidbit #2
One idea to help with the increase in your utility bills is to see if your utility has a budget bill

program that assigns a set payment amount based on a twelve-month average of your bills.

Your electric bill then becomes a fixed expense instead of a variable expense, which makes budgeting easier without having to worry about how you are going to pay an unexpectedly high electric bill.  

Call Dominion at 866-366-4357 or Edisto Electric at (803) 259-3717. Additional help can be obtained from OCAB; applications may be picked up from Allendale Town Hall which is located on South Main Street. 

Financial Freedom Workout.png


Financial Freedom Workout

Free from debt- high interest –predatory lenders –
In this work
out, you will learn
•    Techniques to im
prove your credit score
•    Strategies to avoid high-interest rates & late fees
•    How to set realistic goals to reduce and eradicate credit card debt
•    Creating your “emergency fund” in 90-days
•    To develop a new ‘money mindset’ and healthy habits
•    Create more income / how to budget and manage your paychecks
•    Finally achieve peace of mind!


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